Guelfo Costruzioni Srl is a leading Construction Company that has always carried out pioneering projects based on technological innovation.


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Buildings designed and manufactured according to the most modern construction technologies combining architecture, design and engineering innovations using both traditional and contemporary materials.

Our certifications

Our decision to become part of the group GBC (Green Building Council) following the guidelines of the international LEED certification, allows us to have real time updates on the latest news in the building sector.

Our certifications and statements

  SOA Nord Alpi


(Società Organismo di Attestazione – Certification Committee Society)
Quality Certification for public work tenders
Certification SOA category OG1 class II

  Innovation and tradition

Guelfo Costruzioni is a Construction Company founded over twenty years ago. We work and experience all the new technologies that continuously comes on to the market from the construction sector industry.


guelfo costruzioni


We are proud to have been among the first companies in our area to project and built “class A” buildings and passive houses. We consider ourselves as a Company that researches, develops and build with man and the environment in mind.