What we do

  • Buildings designed on our projects
  • Buildings designed on behalf of third parties
  • Civil
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial – Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Wine cellars
  • Renovation
  • Energy and environmental sustainability
  • Green buildings, wooden houses
  • Buildings designed and manufactured according to the most modern construction technologies combining architecture and design, engineering, both traditional and innovative materials.
  • Over the years we have developed and implemented our commitment to sustainable development.
  • As a member of the Italian Green Building Council we are 
well placed to provide consultancy and advice to help our clients set and achieve their sustainability targets according to the LEED protocol.
  • We are proud to have been among the first Companies in our area involved into the design of Low-energy facilities, which include zero-energy buildings, passive houses and green buildings.
  • Our consultancy services include the analysis of existing spaces and the provision of recommendations to achieve optimum
  • We also provide consultancy on new projects, including recommendations on sustainable site selection, optimal energy performance and indoor environmental quality to maximise energy efficiency and control emissions.
  • We provide the supply and installation of materials and technologies such as floor coating, resins, glass, steel, iron, aluminium, tools and components that come from that genuine italian design and creativity that have led to the success of “Made in Italy” around the world.
  • Hydro-sanitary facilities
  • HVAC systems
  • Water treatment and purification
  • Energy from res (Photovoltaic, Solar, Geothermal, Heat-pump systems, Integrated systems)
  • Domotics, home automation and surveillance systems (Configuration and efficient integrated management of buildings services: security, videosurveillance, heating/cooling, dynamic shading, different renewable energies. Remote control systems, Interaction and management of Media entertainment sources: tv, home theater)
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting (Setting up of internal and external lighting systems, each component is designed according to the “made in Italy” style, LED lighting)

Cooperation and interaction with important and leading companies.

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    Thanks to our long experience, we are proud to rely on a motivated, skilled and efficient team.


    We carefully choose each component and  material that will be used in our building projects.


    We are constantly searching for new products in the construction sector in order to offer our clients all the best proposals available on the market.